Advance Translational & Clinical Development of Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics, from Neuropharmacology & Mechanism of Action to Biomarkers & Clinical Acceptance

With reports in depression and anxiety escalating and reaching critical levels, the urgency for developing effective, safe, and fast-acting therapeutics in psychiatry has never been greater. Advances in biomarker development, clinical endpoints, discovery platforms, and modelling have brought us to the precipice of breaking through the historical barriers in psychiatric and psychedelic drug development and into a new era of impactful treatments for this underserved community.

The 5th Neuropsychiatric & Psychedelic Drug Development Summit is the definitive forum to capitalize on decades of industry experience, clinical breakthroughs, and groundbreaking science to push pipeline progression and establish commercial success.

Join innovators from Bionomics, Cerevel, Delix, Gilgamesh, Opiant, Psilera, Xenon Pharmaceuticals and more in this exclusive event devoted to tackling industry challenges in the field of mental health medicines. From AI based discovery, to validated translational models moving to trial design, regulatory concerns and logistical affairs – explore the breadth of preclinical and clinical insights to be gained at this unmissable conference.

2022 Expert Speaker Faculty:

David Olson

Chief Innovation Officer

Delix Therapeutics

Jacqueline von Salm

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


John Renger

Chief Scientific Officer

Cerevel Therapeutics

Laxminarayan Bhat

Chief Executive Officer

Reviva Pharma

2022 Partners

Concert Pharmaceuticals

“Excellent conference with a very good and diverse set of speakers and topics”

Jim Cassella, Chief Development Officer, Concert Pharmaceuticals


“Very good conference”

Christopher Missling, President & Chief Executive Officer, Anavex Life Sciences Corp.

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