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2019 Presentations

From Human Genetics To Actionable Targets

Daniel Hoeppner, Astellas

Adjunctive Therapies in the
Treatment of Primary Symptoms
of Schizophrenia

Jim Cassella, Concert Pharmaceuticals

KMO Inhibitors for Depression
Co-Morbid with Chronic Inflammatory Disease

Stevin Zorn, MindImmune Therapeutics

An Overview of Developing PET/SPECT Ligands for CNS Drug Research & Development, An Application of Nuclear Imaging Techniques

Shil Patel, Codiak BioSciences

2018 Presentations


A Circuits and Symptoms Approach to Drug Discovery in Psychiatry

Boehringer Ingelheim


Exploring the gaps in neuropsychiatric research



The Impact of Genetics on Future Drug Discovery in Psychiatric Disorders

Astellas Pharma