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Topics Tackled on the 2021 Agenda Included:

  • New treatment paradigms to support schizophrenia patients including  the development of SEP-363856, a TAAR1/5-HT1A agonist for the treatment of Schizophrenia
  • The intersection of technology and psychedelics: What role will digital technologies play in psychedelic-assisted therapy? 
  • Repurposing psychoactive natural products as building blocks for next generation therapies to improve mental health 
  • Investigating sensory ERP biomarkers for disease and target engagement 
  • Assessing the neuropsychiatric implications of COVID 19 
  • Exploring additional indications for Substance Use Disorders for drugs already in development for depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, insomnia, and the neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease 
  • Role of microglia, neuroinflammation and peripheral immune cells in mood disorders 

New Speakers In 2021:

  • Michael De Vivo, Vice President, Neuroscience, BioXcel Therapeutics
  • Srinivas Rao, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Atai Life Sciences
  • Pradeep Nathan, Vice President & Head of Experimental Medicine, Lundbeck, Professor of Neuroscience, Monash University
  • Heather Dworak, Senior Director, Clinical Research, Sunovion
  • Judith Ford, Co-Director, Brain Imaging & EEG Lab, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF; Senior Research Career Scientist, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center