Welcome to the 5th Neuropsychiatric and Psychedelic Drug Development Summit

Bringing together experts investigating therapeutics with novel mechanisms and psychedelic analogues, this collaborative summit will allow for critical discussions between the principal researchers in the field. Uniquely placed to inform approaches in therapeutic development, strategic considerations, plotting discovery targets, clinical trial design and maximizing commercial potential, this is an unmissable forum for those dedicated to breaking ground in psychiatry treatments.

Join us to:

Advance discovery by deepening knowledge of molecular mechanisms, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, and identifying key targets with Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals and Psilera.

Augment translational studies by evaluating validated rodent models and novel biomarkers with University of Colorado, McLean Hospital and the University of Washington.

Debate crucial questions in the burgeoning field of psychedelics, exploring psychotherapy, dissociative effects and business models with Delix, Mindset Pharma, and Eastra Health.

Optimize clinical trials and review up-to-date practices and endpoints with Sunovion Pharmaceuticals and Massachusetts General Hospital to create the best chance of success through Phase 1 to 3.

Capture critical clinical updates from Xenon Pharmaceuticals, Cerevel Therapeutics and Bionomics for a range of psychiatric indications, from new drugs targeting treatment resistant depression to therapeutics addressing positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia.