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Why Partner With Us?

As the only industry-focused meeting for neuropsychiatric drug developers, the virtual Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit brings together the most important neuropsychiatric thought-leaders and stakeholders, providing you with the best opportunity to demonstrate your experience and capabilities to the field.

There are plenty of partnership opportunities available to enable you to:

  • Communicate exciting progress to the decision makers in the field
  • Showcase your high quality preclinical models and novel model innovations
  • Introduce the latest digital technologies to the neuropsychiatric field
  • Demonstrate how you can streamline and optimize their preclinical and clinical trial design
  • Showcase your neuropsychiatric expertise and establish your credibility as a high quality research partner

There are vast networking opportunities at the Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit to help you improve your understanding of the neuropsychiatric landscape, to identify the right connections to make in the fields of the most active companies and to allow you to network with new clients.

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Nicholas Ramovic 

Partnership Director

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Partner Testimonials:

“Very well organized conference with exceptional speakers. Well represented across Pharma/Biotech/Academics/Service providers.”
- Linda Hedley, Business Development Consultant, SRI International

“I liked the conference and the chance to interact with many of the sponsors.”
- David Walling, CEO, CNS Network LLC

“This cozy format of the meeting allowed us to meet all the attendees and to have strong interactions.”
- Naert Gaelle, COO, CILcare

“This summit was concise enough to meet with industrial experts closely and exchange information.”
- Mitsuyuki Mickey Matsumoto, Executive Director, Research Unit Head, Astellas Pharma Inc.