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With a surging pharma investment, exemplified by BMS's acquisition of Karuna, and a stream of collaboration deals, such as Gate Neurosciences-Beacon Biosignals, along with anticipated drug approvals for schizophrenia and PTSD in Q3, this year’s 7th Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit emerges as a pivotal opportunity for partnership.

Uniting a high-quality audience of key decision-makers from the likes of Janssen, Biogen, Bristol Myers Squibb and AbbVie, this forum offers a targeted networking experience like no other.

With opportunities to present, exhibit and elevate your brand, capitalize on this unique offering to demonstrate your capabilities to a niche audience of prospects whilst demonstrating your USP and positioning yourself above competitors to CNS decision-makers across discovery, preclinical, translational, clinical and regulatory.

Get in touch today to explore a tailored partnership package that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring your solution takes center stage.

Current Partners:

Experts Need Your Help With:

Generating & Analyzing Good Quality EEG Data

Predictively Modelling Neural Circuits & Psychiatric Disease Mechanisms in Human-Relevant In Vivo Systems

Navigating Mood Disorder Heterogeneity with State of the Art Technologies to Detect Specific Symptoms Earlier

Objectively Measure Mood & Behavioural Symptoms with Continuous, Reliable Monitoring Devices

Support with Placebo-Controlled Studies to Generate High-Quality Clinical Data & Streamline Site Selection & Recruitment

Why Partner?


Educate the Industry:
Speak on the main agenda to leverage your expertise alongside senior CNS leaders from the likes of Janssen, Biogen, and AbbVie to gain credibility and build trust, distinguishing your unique value proposition from your competitors


Capitalize on Industry Specificity:
Immerse yourself in focused, specialized discussions to gain first-hand insights into the specific requirements of neuropsychiatric drug developers globally to better tailor your offerings to their demands


Gain Brand Visibility:
Expand your company's reach by connecting with our dedicated audience of deeply engaged leaders who are solely focused on developing more transformative neuropsychiatric drug candidates and accelerating the race to approval


Secure New Business:
With exclusive market insights selectively curated by the Hanson Wade team, delve into the core of your customer’s challenges, and differentiate your brand as what your customers are looking for

Who Will You Meet?

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Ben Walls

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