Let’s Get Down to Business – Charting Commercial Logistics

8:30 am Innovative Development in Psychiatry to Progress Efficacious Pipelines

  • Alan Cross Chief Scientific Officer, Psy Therapeutics


  • Evaluating the historic challenges in drug development for psychiatric indications
  • Exploring new potential in biotech start-ups to push breakthroughs forward
  •  Outlining integrated translational approach to discovery for later clinical success

9:00 am Development of Next Generation Antipsychotics: Reflecting on the Past to Guide the future


  • Major unmet needs in the treatment of psychiatric disorders
  •  Lessons learned in discovery and development of antipsychotics practiced over the years
  • Strategies to develop next generation antipsychotics for addressing unmet needs

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Guiding Development Strategy to Secure Company Longevity


  • Mapping the avenues of developing start-up businesses in the competitive landscape
  • What are the considerations made by pharmaceutical companies when making acquisitions?
  • How can venture partners be mobilized to grant sufficient capital for pipeline development?

10:00 am Morning Break & Networking

Expert Driven Roundtable Discussions

A session focused on trouble-shooting logistics and collective discourse from field leaders to maximize pipeline success

10:45 am Roundtable Discussion: Establishing the Regulatory Baselines for Streamlined Approval Processes


  • Balancing the historic requirements of development with the ethical need to progress
  • What safety profiles must be demonstrated and what are the biggest concerns?
  • How will drug scheduling impact manufacturing and what roadblocks can be mitigated?

11:15 am Roundtable Discussion: Rationalizing Reimbursement & Insurance Policy


  • What do the insurers anticipate will be the pattern of renumeration?
  • How will the combination of psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals impact expense?
  • What meaningful discussions are required to allow for expansion across the US and globally?

11:45 am Roundtable Discussion: The Steps to Commercial Success – Where Shall We Tread?

  • Joseph Araujo Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Mindset Pharma
  • Mark Rus Chief Executive Officer , Delix Therapeutics


An interactive session to allow collaborative discourse between industry leaders and decision makers to set actionable targets for business development in the field of psychedelics and beyond.

  • Contemplating the commercially viable psychedelic model to strengthen business outcomes
  • Optioning optimal service development for efficient scalability to maximize delivery to patients
    • Identifying the intellectual property challenges and proposing potential solutions

12:15 pm Lunch & Networking

Understanding the Now & Moving Forward to the Future

1:15 pm CYB004-Modifications to DMT to Enhance its Therapeutic Potential


  • DMT is a fast-acting psychedelic, preclinically shown to promote enduring neurobiological changes.
  • Preclinical data shows deuterated DMT has improved bioavailability.
  • Inhalational delivery provides a controlled method of administration.

1:45 pm Panel Discussion: Psychotherapy & Psychedelics: A Necessary Symbiosis?


  • Exploring the link between therapy and pharmaceutical treatment to enhance efficacy
  • What are the implications in widespread distribution whilst maintaining product quality?
  • What innovations in digital access and environmental features can be implemented to augment sessions?

2:15 pm Psychedelic Drug Discovery in a New Era: Focus on Serotonergic System Mechanisms

  • John McCorvy Assistant Professor, Medical College Wisconsin


  • Understanding how to adequately evaluate molecules to guide decision making
  • Exploring identification of potential targets to expand research

2:45 pm Investigating the Mechanisms of Psychedelics and Psychedelic- Derivatives in CNS Disorders


  • Exploring the fundamental chemistry of tryptamines to understand their actions at the atomic level
  • Designing new tryptamines with unique activity at various neuropsychiatric relevant receptors
  • Animal studies showing increased efficacy over current psychedelics despite reduced hallucinogenic effects

3:15 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

4:00 pm Non-Hallucinogenic Psychoplastogens

  • David Olson Chief Innovation Officer, Delix Therapeutics


  • Appreciating the role of neural plasticity in the sustained therapeutic effects of psychedelics and related compounds
  • Exploring medicinal chemistry of known psychedelic compounds to avoid hallucinogenic effects and cardiotoxicity
  • Understanding the mechanism of psychedelic-induced neural plasticity

4:30 pm Panel Discussion: Reflection on Hallucinations & Impact on Efficacy to Guide Development


  • Is the hallucinatory aspect of psychedelics merely undesirable or mandatory?
  • What are the future implications for expansion of 3rd Generation Psychedelics?
  • What further research is required to address this fundamental query?

5:00 pm End of Conference Wrap-Up