Sama Therapeutics

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Sama Therapeutics is a precision neuropsychiatry AI/ML platform that synthesizes and validates predictive biomarkers grounded in neural, physiological, multi-omics, natural language, and behavioral phenotypes. The company's agile SaaS platform, iMAGiNE™, analyzes the transdiagnostic efficacy of pharmaceutical and neurostimulation modalities through precision clinical trials, causal inference, preclinical translation, and generative AI trained on proprietary and open-science datasets. With an extraordinarily interdisciplinary team, Sama Therapeutics is advancing "software as medical device" for a range of indications, including cognitive, affective, interoceptive, and substance use disorders. We invite partners to join our mission unlocking brain health through integrative neurotechnology and proven “transprognostic” algorithms.

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Expertise Partner

Biotrial is a scientifically oriented clinical research organization with 35+ years of experience managing preclinical and clinical CNS studies. The company is comprised of a global team of 350+ employees and physical locations in the US, EU, UK, and Canada. Fully in-house, Biotrial offers In-vivo safety & pharmacology, Patient Clinical trials support and Phase I facilities, as well as Core Lab, Biometrics, and Bioanalytical services for biotech and pharma companies. Biotrial expertise in CNS biomarkers -- EEG & qEEG assessments, ERP, PSG, sleep studies, video-oculography, and various cognitive tests is especially strong.


Innovation Partner is a synthetic biology company focused on human cells that is advancing medicine and enabling curative treatments.’s opti-ox™ precision cell programming technology enables conversion of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into any desired human cell type in a single step, at industrial scale, while maintaining exceptional purity and consistency. The ioCells™ research cell product portfolio is opening up new possibilities for studying human biology and developing new medicines in research and drug discovery.

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Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing

Innovation Partner

Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing (BPT) delivers a broad range of harmonized methodologies under GMP authorization and certification.   We offer R&D services for method development of analytical methods suitable for GMP Chemistry and Microbiology testing and certification of raw materials and finished products.  Our 30,000 ft2 laboratory is equipped with state of the art analytical instrumentation and includes a sterility suite, a wide array of stability chambers as well as an extensive controlled drug substance license and narcotics vault.

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Event Partner

SynapCell is a leader in preclinical efficacy testing in CNS disorders, supporting international biopharmaceutical companies in identifying their most promising candidates. The translational, objective EEG endpoints we have characterize in translational animal models in vivo have enabled our clients to unlock the true potential of their drugs. Our areas of expertise span from epilepsy to neuropsychiatry and movement disorders. We strongly believe that regular back-and-forth interactions with Sponsor throughout the project is the key to make the most out of an experiment and deliver clear, comprehensive information to help our clients decide on a GO/NO GO decision towards the clinic.

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