Patricio O’Donnell

Company: Alto Neuroscience

Job title: Vice President of Translational Medicine


Roundtable Discussion | Generating Additional Data Beyond Questionnaire & Mood Scale Ratings to Objectively Identify Patient Subtypes 2:00 pm

More practical and highly interactive breakout roundtables where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share opinions around pre-assigned topic areas. Selection based on: Genetic Profiling | EEGs | Digital Biomarkers What are the hesitancies to additional data collection and what will it take to implement in large scale clinical practice? Moderator Feedback & Audience Debate Moderators…Read more

day: Track 2: Translational & Clinical

Panel Discussion | Transforming ‘Precision Neuropsychiatry’ from Idea to Realization: Are we There Yet? 8:00 am

Are we prone to have a biological marker for a psychiatric indication, and how far are we from reality of identifying best responders to a given treatment? From subtyping disorders, to combining treatments for personalization, to identifying best responders: What do we mean by ‘precision’? From evident success stories so far, what kind of data…Read more

day: Conference Day 1 AM

Workshop B: Highlighting the Value of EEGs as Translational Tools in Neuropsychiatry & Beyond 9:00 am

From efficacy to target engagement to pharmacodynamics, this workshop will delve into the wide range of possibilities that EEG biomarkers offer in the field of neuropsychiatry. Furthermore, it will explore the additional data gained from implementing EEGs in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Angelman Syndrome and ADHD. Join this workshop to: Discuss how EEG can be…Read more

day: Pre-Conf Day B

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