About Event

Welcome to the Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit

Developing a New Wave of Clinically Efficacious Therapeutics for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

The Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit will uncover how leading companies are advancing their clinical pipelines and tackling various neuropsychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar and substance use disorder.

Amongst many key themes, we will assess the psychiatric and neuropsychiatric presentations of COVID-19, various approaches in stiving for useful biomarkers in clinical practice, the use of psycho-active substances, targeting neuroinflammation and the implementation of digital therapeutics.

Join leaders from the likes of Sunovion, Merck, Takeda, Lundbeck, BioXcel and MAPS online this September as we unravel key clinical advances and battle vital discussions to help us meet this truly unmet need.

Hear What Our Past Attendees Think

“It was a well-organized and terrific conference with plenty of meaningful inputs.”
Tatsuro Nakagawa, Manager, Akros Pharma

“It was a well-organized conference.”
Gopi Shanker, Director, Novartis

"An outstanding opportunity to interact with and learn from leaders on the field."
Michael Bowers, Associate Director - Translational Science, Aptinyx

"Great forum and inspiring discussions. Great to have so many pharma experts reunited to discuss bottle necks of neuropsychiatry R&D"
Laura Corradini, Research Beyond Borders, Innovation Unit & External Innovation Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

"Crucial to connecting with the needed expertise to create a successful neuropsychiatric drug development pipeline."
Michele Kattke, Co-Founder, Empathic Therapeutics

"It was an outstanding opportunity to learn about current state of the art in NP sciences. It also was a very good event to generate networking."
Francisco Jurado-Sanchez, CSO, Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel

"A unique opportunity for the neuropsychiatry drug discovery community to exchange ideas."
Gopi Shanker, Interim Head of Neuroscience & Head of Psychiatry, Novartis

"A great opportunity to make new contacts who are passionate about making progress in the development of new therapies in psychiatric disorders."
Zoe Hughes, Senior Director, PRAXIS