Roundtable Discussion: Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Antipsychotic Treatments of Psychiatric Disorders

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Conference Day Two


More practical and highly interactive breakout roundtables where attendees can crowd-source solutions and share opinions around pre-assigned topic areas:

  • Due to the intense effects of psychedelics, how can sponsors address this challenge to optimize signal detection? Are there special considerations for shorter acting vs longer acting psychedelics?
  • How can psychiatric assessments be improved to enhance confidence of efficacy and mitigate safety concerns among regulators?
  • How can we overcome the bias nature of psychedelics and standardize preparation and observation guidelines?

Moderator Feedback & Audience Debate

Moderators will be assigned to each roundtable to facilitate discussion and collate the findings. Following the roundtable discussions, they will present back to the entire delegation and open up wider audience debate